Your business is the best, and the world deserves to know it. Make an impression from the first time they see you with immaculate uniforms, linens and more pressed perfectly by Pine Cleaners’ industrial laundry services near Charlotte and Lake Norman, North Carolina. We work with brands large and small to offer expedient, comprehensive cleaning with free delivery at all times.

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Quality Commercial Linen Cleaning Services You Can Depend On

Throughout our years of service, Pine Cleaners has become the go-to destination for personal and professional linen laundry services. Towels and bedsheets are only the beginning of our services, though. We’re prepared to handle anything you have for us. Our services include:

  • Dry cleaning: Your most important linens will stay fresh and look new for as long as you need them to impress your guests, thanks to our dry cleaning service.
  • Wash and fold laundry: You have more important work to do than switching clothes from washer to dryer and folding them for storage. We’ll take care of it all with our wash and fold service and return your items ready for use.
  • Minor alterations: When new employees need their uniforms hemmed, or longtime workers need button replacements, send their clothes to us for minor alterations and we’ll ensure they’re ready for their next shift.

We Use Odorless and Hypoallergenic Detergents

Everyone deserves to have clean laundry they can stay comfortable in. That’s why we use cleaning products free of common irritants like scent boosters. Both your employees and your guests can feel safe around your uniforms, linens, tapestries and more, knowing they’re clean, dust-free and without other allergens that can affect their senses.

Professional Linen Services for All Industries

If you think about it, nearly every industry uses fabrics that should undergo regular cleaning, whether in their decor, uniforms or guest facilities. Our professional laundry team is well-versed in dealing with stubborn stains on even the whitest towels, napkins, tablecloths, sheets and similar linens.

Once you use our services for the first time, you’ll see why we’re the cleaners of choice for Lake Norman and Charlotte’s businesses:

  • Fitness centers, Spas and Salons: From gyms and yoga studios to spas and massage centers, we help you keep towels and other linens clean and fresh for employee and customer use.
  • Healthcare facilities: Hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, veterinary clinics and other medical facilities rely on sanitary spaces to complete their best work. We’re proud to play a part in making sure patients and staff stay safe and comfortable.
  • Hotels and vacation rentals: From overwhelmed hotels to vacation rental hosts, we’ve worked with travel professionals in the area for a long time, ensuring towels, bedding, curtains and linens are fresh for every guest.
  • Restaurants and bars: Any bar or kitchen uses more than its fair share of napkins and dish towels. A few errant spills are all it takes to go through your supply of aprons and towels, and Pine Cleaners is ready to take them on whenever you need us.
  • Schools and daycares: Schools and independent daycares can use dozens of towels and blankets throughout the week. Whatever your kids are doing, make sure they can feel clean and comfortable after with fresh linens.
  • Mechanic shops and industrial manufacturers: Mechanics and industrial workers go through more laundry than most expect. Our heavy-duty cleaners will take care of oil stains, spills and other debris collected during the day on uniforms, cleaning rags and more.
  • Event planners: Even one-time events often require a significant amount of tablecloths, napkins, decorative hangings and more. Once your night to remember is over, send everything to Pine Cleaners, so we can help you prepare for your next big get-together!

How It Works

Whatever industry you work in, Pine Cleaners can help keep your business running smoothly in three simple steps:

  • Contact: Reach out to our team to schedule a time for pickup. We offer one-time services and regular cleanings so you can stay on top of it all.
  • Pickup: We’ll come to you to pick up your linens for free so you can stay focused on your work.
  • Clean: We’ll clean your stuff separately from everything else and return it to you ready for use.

All you have to do is sit back and relax — we’ll have your laundry back to you as soon as possible!

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At Pine Cleaners, cleanliness and convenience are our goals, and our commercial linen cleaning services deliver both. Contact us today to secure industrial laundry services near Charlotte and Lake Norman, NC, and embrace more free time than ever before.