Life can get busy sometimes. From working to spending time with your family, laundry can be one of those chores that end up low on the priority list. With free laundry pickup and delivery services from Pine Cleaners, you won’t need to try to fit this time-consuming task into your schedule. 

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At Pine Cleaners, we offer high-quality and reliable pick-up and delivery services to your home or office in Concord, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. 

Experienced Dry Cleaners in Concord, NC 

We offer expert dry cleaning services to help you effectively remove any stubborn stains without affecting the fabric on your favorite clothes. We use trusted cleaning solutions and tools to ensure your garments are clean while receiving the best treatment.

At Pine Cleaners, we charge our dry cleaning items per piece. We have the knowledge and expertise to treat every item with proper care.

The Best Wash and Fold Laundry Services in Concord, NC

Our Concord, NC, team will wash and fold all your laundry from everyday clothing to large comforters to floor mats. We put great care into keeping your laundry clean and allergen-free. You can expect your laundry to be returned to you neatly folded and smelling fresh. 

Pine Cleaners charges $2 per pound with a 10-pound minimum per order for our laundry services. We pick up all your laundry and place it in a uniquely labeled bag and return it to you on an agreed-upon service day.

Quick Alterations & Clothing Repairs

Do you have torn jeans or a missing button? We offer simple alterations and garment repair services to our laundry delivery customers in the Concord, NC area. Simply let us know beforehand, and include the item in need of alterations alongside your laundry on one of your scheduled service days.

Additional Laundry & Cleaning Services

We offer the following laundry and cleaning services: 

  • Leather cleaning: We clean your leather clothing items and handbags using a special process to hydrate the leather and preserve its natural oils. 
  • Household linens: We take care of your large and delicate household textiles.
  • Dress shirts: Our comprehensive cleaning services will ensure your dress shirts give you a neat and professional look. 
  • Rug cleaning: We deep clean your rugs to ensure all underlying dirt is removed. 

Concord Zip Codes and Other Areas We Serve 

28025 | 28026 | 28027 | 28083

In addition to Concord, we also serve: 

If you don’t see your area listed, call us to see if we can service your home or office! We are constantly expanding our laundry delivery route, and we might be coming to a location near you. 

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