Modern Wetcleaning

Driven by the health and environmental concerns associated with traditional drycleaning solvents, recent advances in wetcleaning technology, garment care, and textile manufacturing have resulted in the emergence of commercial wetcleaning as a viable and environmentally-preferable clothes cleaning technology.

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Modern Wetcleaning requires the following:

Computer-controlled washers and dryers

Computerized operations allow for precise mechanical control in order to gently wash, dry, and finish garments. Modern wetcleaning machines may be programmed for various settings such as mechanical action, water and drying temperatures, moisture levels in the dryer, and water and detergent volume. The flexibility of this technology provides cleaners with the controls to administer a customized wetcleaning cycle suited to a garment’s specified needs.

Specialized detergents

Others features of the modern wetcleaning process include: a) specialized fabric softeners, b) dye-setting agents that reduce bleeding, c) milder bleaching agents, and d) fabric finishes that restore fabric hand.

Trained and skilled personnel.

We have trained our staff in the latest wetcleaning processes and techniques and are now able to wetclean many garments that typically have been dry cleaned.

The Truth about Green Cleaning

Wetcleaning and CO2 cleaning are the only true methods recognized as truly non-toxic and 100% environmentally sustainable.  While many cleaners claim to be green, organic or environmentally friendly, the truth is these terms are not regulated and many cleaners are willing to mislead their customers to gain their business.  If this is an issue you care deeply about, be informed on the chemicals and process being used on your clothing.

We have invested in the best wetcleaning technology.  For those items where wetcleaning is not recommended we use Hydrocarbon, a less toxic alternative solvent that allows for the proper care of your garments.

Environmental Impact

We have made the conscious decision to provide the best wetcleaning available for those concerned about their health and our environment.  Wetcleaning has helped us to reduce our environmental footprint while still providing our customers with the very best care for their garments.