How much extra do I pay for Pick-up and Delivery Service?

Pick-up and Delivery is FREE.  We have no service charges, no hidden fees. Our Free Pick-Up & Delivery customers pay the same price as our store customers.

The only thing extra is the convenience and the time you will save!

How do I start my Free Pick-up and Delivery with Pine Cleaners?

Fill out the Form (link to form ) or call our customer service number at: (704)998-7586 and our representative will be glad to take down your information, explain the process, and set up your account.

Does Pine Cleaners Offer Free Pick-Up and Delivery in my area?

Currently we offer Free Pick-Up and Delivery in the following areas:

Charlotte including: Uptown, South Charlotte, Ballantyne, University, and Pineville.

Lake Norman Areas including: Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Mooresville, and Denver.

Where do I leave my clothes for Free Pick-Up & Delivery?

Home :  Most residential customers leave their clothes by their front door, usually behind the storm door, or on the front porch. Some hang their bags on a hook outside their garage door.  If these options aren’t appealing let us know what works best for you.

Office: We can come right to your desk.  For security reason if this isn’t an option some businesses prefer a central pick-up and delivery location, such as a break room, supply room, or near the front desk. We will work with you or your office manager to find the ideal location convenient for everyone.

When are the Scheduled Free Pick-Up and Delivery Days?

Your scheduled days will depend on your location.

Monday Pick-ups, Deliver on Thursday

Tuesday Pick-ups, Deliver on Friday

Thursday Pick-ups, Deliver on Monday

Friday Pick-ups, Deliver on Tuesday


How Often will Pine Cleaners Deliver my Clothes?

We offer Pick-up and Delivery two days a week, either Monday-Thursday, or Tuesday-Friday depending on your pick-up location.

How does Pine Cleaners schedule around Holidays?

We will let you know in advance if a holiday will fall on your service day of the week.  This will help you plan ahead and have items you need to wear cleaned and back in your closet.

What if I need Special Service?

You can include a note in your pick-up bag or pinned to the outside of your pick-up bag. We provide two Pine Cleaners service bags to all of our pick-up and delivery customers.

What if I have extra large items for pick-up?

We provide full service for all Free Pick-Up and Delivery customers. This includes all household items such as drapes, comforters, tablecloths and alterations. Place your items in a large lawn leaf bag with your name attached and we will pick up your large items to be cleaned and returned. If you have an extra-large area/oriental rug just call us in advance!

What are your payment options?

We accept all major credit cards. We process your payment after each delivery from a secured card on file received when you sign up.  Our Point of Sale system is updated with the latest encryption technology.  We are CPI compliant.  You will receive a monthly statement detailing your order history with us for your records.

Does Pine Cleaners Out-Source my clothing to other businesses?

Absolutely not.  Your clothing is never sent out to other businesses. We have invested in our own plant, equipment and employees.  Your satisfaction is always guaranteed at Pine Cleaners.

If I have a question, suggestion, or comment, who do I contact?

Please feel free to talk directly with you route manager in person or call our customer service number at: (704)998-7586, or e-mail us at