Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning – Free Pickup & Delivery!

Most rugs are bulky and are often difficult to clean. Area rugs tend to take more wear and tear than most other household items — from spills to pet accidents, to messy housemates and everyday foot traffic — our rugs have sure seen a lot. Let us help you get those pesky stains out and freshen up your home’s decorative rugs. Our team is highly experienced and able to work on a wide variety of rugs, ranging from small area mats to full-size area rugs and even traditional Oriental Rugs.

Schedule a Free Pick-up

We understand that cleaning a rug isn’t as straightforward as one might initially think. The material a rug is made of plays a huge part in how to best care for the item. Why leave it to chance? To make it better, our team is able to pick-up and return your rug to your home or office — entirely free of charge.